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hornyboy42's Journal

25 August 1983
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This is an outlet. I really am a sweet person, and I love to hang out, laugh, goof off, and just be a complete nut most of the time, but I need an outlet.

Here's my position. I did have a girlfriend. My girlfriend had a very low sex drive. I have a very high sex drive. I am now single. I don't get enough sex. I get frustrated. I need an outlet. This is my outlet.

simple enough?

So, if you wanna contact me, my AIM name, Yahoo name, and MSN name are all up here somewhere, just gimme a poke. We can play, we can fuck, we can make each other roll around laughing so hard our sides are gonna split. Feel free.

oh, and a good portion of this is friends only, mainly because I like to know who is reading my journal, and there are certian... less than smart people who I tend to prefer not to associate with.

anyway, enjoy